About Me

Olympic gold medallist Tara Lipinski. A couple who adopted 11 children. A 70-year-old woman who finally found her birth mother. Guitarist Tony Melendez.

These are just a few of the people I´ve interviewed for my freelance profiles and features. But I just don´t research and interview-I make sure I have the experience necessary to write the story right. That´s why I’ve:

  • Had a past-life regression (I wasn´t anyone famous, but it was interesting anyway)
  • Voiced a character in a soon-to-be-released anime DVD (just in a crowd scene, but still)
  • Ridden through the Cascades on the lookout for wild Kiger mustangs
  • Cooked up a tasty batch of pomegranate jelly.

I´ve also covered more serious topics, such as the connection between Gulf War Syndrome and fibromyalgia, special programs for the developmentally disabled, in vitro fertilization and frozen embryos, battles between school districts and teachers´ unions, and recovery from sexual abuse.

Born and raised in Southern California, I manage to escape the Golden State occasionally, and have traveled to France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Boston, Houston, and Manhattan on assignment.

My stories have run in national and regional publications including American Profile, Catholic Digest, Fibromyalgia AWARE, Highlights, the Los Angeles Times, the National Catholic Register, National Geographic KIDS, and the Orange County Register.